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Simply click ON the ADD TO CART link next to each clip you wish to order.

When you’re ready to proceed and pay for your order simply click the CHECK OUT button. This will take you to a secure SHOPPING CART page. You will see all the clips you ordered listed with the total dollar amount. Make sure your order is correct (your responsibility). Enter your EMAIL and NAME. Select type of Payment. Check the UNDERSTAND TERMS and CONDITIONS button. Then click the PROCEED button. You will be taken to a secure gateway.  Enter your credit card information and submit. 
After you submit your order and your Credit card is approved, you will be taken to a page with the clip link(s) for you to download.
Click the links to download the clip. We recommend you save this page (bookmark or print)  in case your PC or internet has problems
You will also receive an email within a few minutes. Your email will contain the URL that you need to go to as well to download your clip(s).  If you don't get an email at all please email us so we can send you a link via email. Email is: [email protected]



1. Problem with a clip playing or sound? 

Make sure you have the clip fully downloaded. Make sure you have your PC configured to play sound and the PC is new enough to play a Hi quality video clip. minimum requirements for playing  a 640X480 wmv file is 1 Gig hz Processor and 256MB using Windows Media Player,  Real Player QuickTime or DivX

2. How do I get the clip?

After you select, check out and pay for the clip(s) via Credit Card you will be sent to a page automatically where the clip link is ready for download.

3. How much time do I have to download my clip?

24 hours.

4. Do I have to use a Credit card to order a clip?

No you can pay with cash or check you can email me for other options of payment: [email protected]

5. Clip order was not accepted. Your Credit card was not approved.

The biggest problems we found with this are not using correct billing address or putting in the wrong expiration date.

6. What Format are the video clips?

 Most of our Video clips are Windows Media Video WMV. Some older clips are in Real Player format .rmvb

7. How long does it take to download a video clip?

That all depends on the size in Mega Bytes (MB) and your internet bandwidth or speed. Most clips take about 5-10min to download with average bandwidth speed @ 3Mbps

8. Streaming clips?

We do not stream our clips all clips are downloaded to your Hard Drive.


Ordering Video/DVD's

Select the video you want by checking the box next to the type of media (DVD or VHS) Click ADD VIDEOS TO ORDER.  You can then go to the next or other pages to order more videos. You must ADD VIDEOS TO ORDER before going to the next page or you will have to reselect and add them. 

Once you are finished shopping. Click the ORDER VIDEOS button You will be taken to the VIDEO SALES ORDERING AREA  where you will type in your shipping address and select shipping cost (for overseas customers) All US customers get FREE standard 1st class USPS shipping. Select payment type and click the PROCEED button.  You will then be taken to the Credit card processing page for final paymen after which you will receive and email displaying your order. We usually can ship out Videos the next day.

Ordering Custom Videos

Select Model on the Custom video page. Fill out model form, select Model or Models, type in script, duration (how long you want the video in minutes)  media type (DVD, VHS or DOWNLOADABLE CLIP), your BUDGET and shipping address if it applies. Press the send button and  we will be notified of your order. We will contact you if we have questions or a problem with the CUSTOM VIDEO you are requesting. Once both parties agree we send the request back approved and ready for payment. You MUST pay for the video before we film it. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO RESELL YOUR CUSTOM VIDEO(S) unless we negotiate otherwise.  Videos can not be traded or resold. Refer to Terms and Conditions. There are no refunds on custom videos unless we cannot do the video (model not available, physically impossible) Video usually takes from 7-21days to complete.

 Email us for support, any questions or comments: [email protected]