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Candice 28 Feb 2024

Beautiful young woman (25) who hit me up wanting to put her size 9 feet on the sites. She came over with sweaty slip-ons and posed her nice soles and toes for the camera. She smokes and loves to talk and tease. You can let her tease show you by clicking her thumbnail and ordering her up!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Stella is 28 years old, loves going barefoot and smoking cigs! She has a wide size 8 foot and is ready to jam it down your throat! She loves getting her dirty soles licked clean. Stella is Jamie's friend and is as loud and talkative as she is. She has double D titties and is ready to smother you with them! She loves to eat and can burp on command! Come get you some of this thick yummy new girls feet!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Voluptuous lady who stopped by wanting to show off her sexy soles! She said she would love to have her size 8's rubbed, licked and worshipped by foot fans and slaves!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Chloe's cousin .. Sweet and freaky at the same time has a size 7-8 foot with pretty toes!! She'll Smoke and wear you out all day under her sweaty soles!! She is country all the way!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Lives right down the road .She came by with her flip flops and shorts on. Beautiful eyes and face with a nice tight booty body to match! Smokes ciggs, loves to go go barefoot with her size 8 feet and can toe spread really good so others can get their tongue between them!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Mature dominant woman with size 9 thick feet! She always walks barefoot to keep her feet strong and tough! She walks bare in stores and in public all the time! She Trains horses and has cowboy boot, riding boots and chaps! She enjoys her feet rubbed and lotion applied so they smell good!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Sexy Mother and Grandmother who loves to have fun and enjoys peoples hot foot fantasies. Darla has Size 7 feet and has two Daughters here on the sites!!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Sweet Riann, Bi sexual lady with beautiful legs and size 8.5 feet. She smokes Ciggs loves to go barefoot and hike. She is on her feet all day!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

The cute neighbor lady knew what I was doing and wanted to model her beautiful feet. She is always in flip flops. I told her to come over just au natural which is always good! She's wears size 7 and smokes.
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Petite Lady who loves walking around barefoot everywhere. She loves to step on things and doesn't care what it is. She smokes and works as a waitress so her size 7 feet get tired!
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set

Hot Sexy Brazilian girl who lives in Brazil and wanted to be part of the SSF crew. She's 19, has size 8 wide feet, loves to wear sandals all day in the warm hot ecuadorian weather. She needs her feet moist from any man's Tongue. (She does quality HD vids I have to have her and Partner film).
Scheduled Custom Dates: No Schedule set