Welcome to Toejac.com

Welcome to Toejac.com

Candice Airs Out Stocking Feet    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 695.66 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is teaching class. She is wearing stockings and pumps. She dips her feet in and out of her pumps in front of the fan. She toe spreads and toe points letting them get air flow threw her toes.

$ 13.75


Girl Talk And Footsie Play!     View Sample
Length: 8.00 minutes     Size: 330.99 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla, Saige, and Riley are hanging out with each other dressed up and dangling in there heels. They all start lighting up there cigarettes, and start dangling and having small girl talk, about the plans later tonight! As the smoke, and deep inhale, they drop there heels to the floor, caressing each others now bare soles and toes! They footsie each other under the table as they smoke and talk!

$ 8.99


Dont Have Candice Waiting!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 900.14 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is laying down on the bed, you enter and she asks where the hell have you been? You cannot have her waiting like that! She so fucking hot that she can do whatever to you and you will still end up paying for your custom! She decides to make you worship all of her! Starting at her big bare soles and toes first! Making you check out her amazing toe spread thats just perfect and even make you smell them! She then makes you check her ass out and arm pits and even her neck! She even blows her hot breath on his face, fogging you up! Even throwing in some spit for you! Candice then makes you turn upside down to worship her smoking hot body! She tells you thanks for the money and have a loser day!

$ 15.25


Cora Sore Hot Feet    
Length: 30.00 minutes     Size: 1345.60 MB     Format: MP4

Cora feet are so hot and sore. She is wearing her high black pumps and stockings. She dips in and out of the heels placing her foot in front of the fan to cool it off. SHe takes turns switching each foot out.

$ 16.75


Macey Gets A Rub Down!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 762.37 MB     Format: MP4

Macey is working late in the office today and shes unaware at first that her little crush has stayed over with her too! She has a thing for Macey and her thick sweaty soles and toes! As Macey works she sneaks up behind and goes behind her, taking her heels off, thats when Macey realizes its her little crush Lynn behind! She starts caressing and massaging Macey's thick clean soles, Macey is in love on how good it feels it turns her on so much! She enjoys every bit of it and wants to keep her around a little longer!

$ 14.50


Riley Licks Candice Dirty Feet    
Length: 9.00 minutes     Size: 340.32 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is sitting in the kitchen with her feet propped up on the table. Riley comes in and starts sniffing them. After she starts sniffing them she licks them clean. Candice does not even notice Riley.

$ 10.25


Candice Uses Her Slaves Sniffer!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 695.39 MB     Format: MP4

Holiday is Candice's slave and is on the floor blindfolded. Candice comes walking in and sits down on her mistress chair and shoves her bare soles and toes right into her nose making her smell deep! She is very tired from work and even a little itchy. She uses her slaves face and nose to help her bare feet and loves when her slave smells her toes and soles!

$ 14.25


Candice Smothers You With Her Sexy Body!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 1769.67 MB     Format: MP4

Candice knows you have a thing for her smoking hot body, you always fantasize about her and you want to get smothered by her bare feet! She wastes no time and gets straight to your fantasy! She grabs you and shoves you right into her sexy pink toes! She makes you lay down while she smothers you with her toes, after you get her feet she makes you come up to her beautiful ass and you follow her sexy bod all the way up to her beautiful face! Candice makes you worship her hot body from head to toe!

$ 14.25


Roxi Sniffs Pinks Big Soles    
Length: 28.00 minutes     Size: 1057.82 MB     Format: MP4

Roxi sneaks under the desk and starts taking sniffs of pinks heels. Pink notices what she is doing so she slides her heels off. Roxi takes deep whiffs of pinks sweaty soles. After awhile of sniffing under the desk, they move to the couch. Pink enjoys reading her magazine while Roxi pleasures herself by sniffing Pinks big soles.

$ 21.50


Sierra Hot And Sweaty Soles!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 676.98 MB     Format: MP4

Sierra comes walking in and is very hot and sweaty after her run. She wants to lay back and relax, and her shoes are drenched in foot sweat. She decides to pull them off and let her socked feet air out, when she pulls them off the room fills up in foot stench, her socks are wet and sweaty and tight. Sierra pulls off her moist socks and fans her hot bare feet! She wiggles her sweaty toes and airs her soles out, while you get to watch her foot tease!

$ 13.25


Vonlee Sweaty Boots    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 710.26 MB     Format: MP4

Vonlee walks in and sits on the couch props her sore feet up on the table. She has her ankles crossed. She removes her boots and socks and lets her feet air out. She wiggles her toes and scrunches her feet while her ankles are crossed.

$ 13.75


Trixie And Makayla Sweaty Hot Soles!     View Sample
Length: 16.00 minutes     Size: 725.78 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla and Trixie come walking in from a long hot day and want to relax and chill. Makayla and Trixie chit chat for a little and starts removing there hot boots and shoes. The stink starts filling the room! They then decide to peel off there hot and wet socks and cant believe they stink soo bad! There extremely wet and sticky and they start wiggling there toes to air the sweat out from in between each piggies!

$ 14.25


Candice Gets Full Body Massage    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 901.04 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is laying on the couch she is ready for her massage. Jack starts off at her feet and works his way up her legs and does her arms. He goes back down her legs and back to her feet. He kisses on them and sniffs them.

$ 15.75


Study Needs A Study Session!     View Sample
Length: 21.00 minutes     Size: 948.11 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is staying over at work today, one of her students needs a study session on hypnosis. Candice passes his papers over that he needs to study on, but suddenly he gets a glimpse on what shes dangling. Shes dangling her flats and he cannot concentrate at all! Candice starts spreading her toes inside her flats and lets them dangle off her sexy toes! Candice does multiple different shoe play action but doesn't have a clue that he's watching her! He even pulls out his phone snapping pics, and taking videos! Candice starts to go over his papers and he is wanting to write a summary of his teacher dangling and shoe playing in class! Candice thinks this is completely unacceptable! He needs to come up with something else this is uncalled for!

$ 15.75


Kenzie Feet Makes You Cum    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 480.68 MB     Format: MP4

Kenzie knows you love her soles. She walks around the yard barefoot showing off her soles with every step while you follow her. She goes to the porch and sits down Showing off her sightly dirty soles. She knows how hard your dick is getting looking at her amazing feet. She moves to the chair and pulls her feet up under it so you can get a good up close view of her soles while you jerk your hard cock.

$ 9.99


Study Session!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 911.22 MB     Format: MP4

Candice is tutoring her student Roxi today, she needs extra study for her exams. While Candice is on her computer, Roxi is studying down below her, shes extremely close to her flats shes wearing! Roxi starts to smell the stink coming from inside her flats and when Roxi gets the whiff she takes advantage of it! As Roxi reads through her study book she also secretly gets big sniffs off Candice's stinky stocking feet! Candice starts to test her on things she's read, Candice drops her flats and starts spreading her toes in her stockings, Roxi starts going wild! She moves a little closer and smells in between her toes! Candice eventually catches on and calls her out! Which is it? Smell her stinky teachers feet or pass the exams!

$ 15.25


Trixie Shows Off Soles    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 563.03 MB     Format: MP4

Trixie is laying on the floor on her phone she is showing off her slightly dirty soles. She crosses her ankles and flexes her toes all while playing on her phone.

$ 10.25


Addison Dips In Slippers    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 476.02 MB     Format: MP4

Addison comes in from work wearing her pumps and stockings. Her feet are absolutely killing her. She kicks off her pumps and slides her sore feet into her soft fluffy slippers. She stands at the kitchen sink and dips in and out of her slippers. Camera focus at floor level on soles.

$ 9.99


Holiday Licked By Saige And Brynn    
Length: 14.00 minutes     Size: 638.08 MB     Format: MP4

Holiday is ready for Brynn and Saige to do there mouth work on her big feet. They lick up and down her soles and in between her toes. Holiday loves all the attention she is getting from them. They share her foot giving it double pleasure! Holiday could lay there all day getting her feet worshiped!

$ 12.50


Kenzie Spreads And Teases    
Length: 12.00 minutes     Size: 556.57 MB     Format: MP4

Kenzie is ready to tease you with her bare soles and amazing toe spread. She knows what you like. She points and spreads her toes for you. She shows off her amazing soles.

$ 11.25