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Welcome to Toejac.com

Cherries Shows Off Pretty Sweaty Feet    
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 903.60 MB     Format: MP4

Cherries is laying on the bed with her feet up behind her. She eventually move to the chair and removes her shoes and socks. She puts her feet up under the chair with her ankles crossed showing off her soles. After a bit she goes outside on the balcony. Camera shots behind showing soles and some side shots.

$ 17.25


Jill's Big Feet In Sweaty Vans!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 928.20 MB     Format: MP4

Jill is walking down the street coming in from work, its cold out and she wants to get home and relax after a long day. She gets inside pulling off her gloves and pullover jacket getting warm. She relaxes for a bit and walks to the kitchen getting something to drink. Jill makes a call to her friend complaining about how exhausted she is and her feet hurt so bad from standing on them. Jill unlaces her tight vans and is relieved from the tightness on her feet! She curls her toes in her sweaty socks and eventually pulls them off as well! Jill feels so much better and fans her big feet, spreading her toes, and points them. Watch Jill relax and flex her big bare wrinkly feet!

$ 15.25


Vonlee And Jill Sweaty Soles    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 697.08 MB     Format: MP4

Vonlee and Jill walk in the room and sit down on the couch, they prop there feet up on the table. After a few minutes they remove there shoes revealing there sweaty socks! They than remove there socks to let the air flow between there toes. They do lots of ankle crossing, toe pointing and toe spreading!

$ 13.75


Kenzie Sweaty Boot Play!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 920.99 MB     Format: MP4

Kenzie is going into work today dressed in her business attire. She walks inside and is blown away by how hot it is! Her boss has not fixed the unit yet, Kenzie try's getting to work but she starts getting really uncomfortable with it being hot as hell inside. She throws her booted feet up on the table and try's relaxing, fanning herself! Kenzie cant stand it no longer and decides to pull her tight sweaty boots off, revealing her long black socks! She wiggles her toes around and she feels nothing but sweat in between! Her feet are drenched, Kenzie peels them off and goes bare and is amazed at how amazing it feels! She is so relieved, Kenzie relaxes, showing off her toe spreads, wrinkles, and Archy soles!

$ 15.25


Shitty Boss Wont Fix His AC Unit!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 937.64 MB     Format: MP4

Cali comes into to work and is blown away by it being so miserably hot inside! Her boss knows his AC unit is broke but he simply wont fix it! She's dressed in her shorts and spaghetti strap and her thick high white socks and thick tight sneakers. She sits down for a minute waving her hand in her face for some type of air, and then decides to get to work. She makes a couple of calls, dangling in her sneakers but has to make the calls short because shes burning up! She can hardly breathe and is very irritated! She moves back to the other room and decides to take off her tight sneakers, letting her socked feet get some type of air, but her socks are so thick theirs no air getting to them. Cali finally decides to peel the socks off, amazed at how great it feels! Watch Cali spread her toes, and gets back to work comfortably, showing off her arches and wrinkly soles, feeling way better than before, and teases you from behind!

$ 15.50


Emily Tortures Makayla!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 699.02 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla is in the head box and wrapped up in plastic with NO chance of escaping! Emily comes walking in and thinks its hilarious, she's here to torture the hell out of Makayla! She has just the right stinky and sweaty feet to do so! Rumor has it, Makayla has slept with her boyfriend and a couple others in town and Emily is here to put her through hell! She laughs as Makayla pleads and cry's! But Emily is not letting her out and makes her take her foot stench! She makes Makayla smell them hard and rubs all her foot sweat and stink all over her precious little face! Watch Emily take full control on Makayla and not let up, laughing at this whiny bitch!

$ 13.75


Brooke Foot Plays In Her Flip Flops!     View Sample
Length: 24.00 minutes     Size: 1113.30 MB     Format: MP4

Brooke is staying late in her office and scrolling through her phone and lap top. She's dangling in her new black flip flops! Brooke is bored and wants to do a little foot play in them! She flexes her soft wrinkly soles in them, playing with the strap in the middle with her toes! She loves to dangle her sweaty feet in her flops! Watch Brooke work up a tease in her new flops and showing off her wrinkles and Archy soles!

$ 14.50


Makayla And Danni Show Sweat And Stink!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 697.05 MB     Format: MP4

Danni and Makayla come home to relax after a long day, they want nothing more than to slip off there sweaty stinky shoes and socks and air out there soles and toes! As they chit chat they take off there steamy hot shoes and air out there feet in there wet socks! They wiggle there sweaty toes in there soiled socks and end up peeling them off flexing and showing off there bare wrinkly sweaty toes and soles, filling up the air in foot stench!

$ 13.25


Kenzie And Vonlee Sweaty Soles    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 686.03 MB     Format: MP4

Kenzie and Vonlee walk in wearing skinny jeans and hot sweaty shoes. They both sit down and prop there feet up. After a few minutes they take off there shoes. They let there wet feet breathe a little before removing them. There feet are so hot and sweaty. They love the way the cool air feels going between there toes.

$ 12.99


Brooke Gets Sexy Foot Rub Down!     View Sample
Length: 20.00 minutes     Size: 932.24 MB     Format: MP4

Brooke is working late in the office today and her little sneaky friend is watching her without her knowing. She sneaks up from behind, and lowers down to her sexy feet in heels! She dangles in them from behind as her friend watches she cant help but to touch and rub her legs, Brooke slips off her heels and flexes them from behind her. Her friend starts to caress her bare soles and toes, giving her the best foot massage shes ever had!

$ 14.50


Krystal And Danni Show Them Sweaty Soles!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 679.20 MB     Format: MP4

Danni and Krystal come in from a tiring day, they both exhausted so they want to relax and prop there sweaty stinky feet up on the table. Krystal and Danni has been in these sneakers and socks for a whole day and want them to breathe! They take off there sneakers first followed by there sticky wet socks! As the foot stench fills up the room the girls wiggle there toes and crossing there ankles, trying to cool them off!

$ 13.25


Riley And Krystal Foot Toe War    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 517.83 MB     Format: MP4

Riley and Krystal are sitting across from each other. Both girls think they have the strongest feet. Riley pulls off Krystals shoe and starts to squeeze her toes. Krystal is in a lot of pain but tries not to give up. They both give it all they got making there toes turn colors. They lock toes. The girls have a foot war until they have to leave. Both girls decide to have a rematch very soon. Riley wants to show Krystal whose the foot war queen.

$ 10.25


High School Perv Has Snuck In!     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1397.17 MB     Format: MP4

Makayla and Daisey are sitting down at there table dangling in there flip flops just chatting away. They have a high school buddy that has got invited to there home, but doesn't no he's around or lurking on them. Daisey and Makayla keep chatting and dangling showing there Archy soles, until suddenly Makayla see's him and catches him! She cant believe it! They both have heard rumors that back in high school he had a BIG foot fetish and they want to test him! Maybe even making him into there own personal foot slave! They move over to the couch and have him follow them to the edge of the table. Its game time and want to test him! They show him there bar soles up close BUT theirs a rule! He cannot touch them he can only stare and they will touch him with there bare sexy toes and soles! They wipe there sweat off onto his face and completely dominate him! They both want more though, they make him lay down and go a little harder shoving there sweaty feet in his face, completely smothering him up with all twenty toes and two feet!

$ 22.50


Riley Smells Plumbers Barefeet    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 469.55 MB     Format: MP4

Riley has been trying to get her sink fixed for months. Finally her landlord called in a plumber. She gets under the sink feet sticking out. Riley slides Shaylee's flip flops off and begins to sneak sniffs in. Riley makes a comment about how stiff Shaylee's feet and legs look. Riley offers to show her some exercises to help with that. The girls go to the livingroom and Riley jumps up on the table and shows her different poses. She gets Shaylee up there doing all the positions. Riley sneaks and smells Shaylee feet the whole time. Shaylee is unaware.

$ 9.99


Shaylee Is On Break!     View Sample
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 680.53 MB     Format: MP4

Shaylee is on break sitting in the lounge in her mini skirt and her keds, shes dangling in them, she lights up a cigarette and smokes while taking her break. You come in sitting next to her and watches her shoe play, she calls you out in no time, but you of course deny it! Shaylee thinks this is fucking weird, because you cant stop staring at her dangling action in her keds, Shaylee gets up to move to get back to work. Later that day, you have to pick up papers from Shaylee, and shes in her nice black high heels, your foot fetish is so strong you cant help but to stare! She flexes in her heels, and scrunches her toes inside of them, the sound is driving you insane and eventually starts getting a strong boner! Shaylee catches on again, hands you over your papers and tells you to get out or security will be called!

$ 13.50


Brooke Does Under Chair Shoe Play    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 500.90 MB     Format: MP4

Brooke walks in wearing her black boots. She sits down in the chair in the middle of the floor. She pulls her feet up under the chair showing off her boots. After a few minutes she removes her boots and socks. She pulls her feet back up under the chair. She crosses her ankles and scrunches her toes. Camera gets all angles of feet.

$ 9.99


Riley And Shaylee Leg Wrestle    
Length: 15.00 minutes     Size: 693.69 MB     Format: MP4

Riley and Shaylee are laying on the bed. They are wearing there sneakers and socks. The girls start wrestling around. They decide to remove there shoes and socks. They lay back down and start wrestling again locking legs and feet. Both girls are trying to over power each other. Riley has pretty dirty feet and Shaylee's are clean.

$ 13.25


Ten Seconds Or Blue Balls!    
Length: 11.00 minutes     Size: 511.70 MB     Format: MP4

Cali is lounging around today in her sweats and dirty flip flops, her little live in slave n***er is on the floor looking up at her sad as can be! Cali pays no attention to her pathetic n***er as she strolls through her magazine. She asks him is there anything he wants? He clearly see's her reading her magazine and really don't want to be bothered today! But she thinks about it a little more and realizes its been a month with NO cumming! She can tell he is hoping Cali is nice enough to let him stroke his n***er cock and cum today! She gives in which she is in no mood today but throws him the chastity key to him and tells him to unlock himself. She throws her dirty flips flops up on the table and continues to read but gets disturbed on his stroking she told him quietly! She knew this was going to be a mistake, she kicks them off exposing her dirty filthy bare soles and toes, tells him to continue to stroke his little n***er cock but QUIETLY! Cali starts to get aggravated because he's beating his n***er cock so loud, and she really needs to focus today! Cali tells him he only has ten seconds to finish so he better hurry and quietly! (racial humiliation)

$ 11.25


Riley Dip And Dangle    
Length: 10.00 minutes     Size: 470.18 MB     Format: MP4

Riley walks in and sits down in the chair. She is wearing flip flops, she crosses her ankles under chair letting one of the flips flops dangle from her toes! she puts her feet on the floor and dips in and out of her flops! She eventually removes her flip flops! She does lots of toe pointing and toe wiggling! She scrunches her toes against the floor showing all her wrinkles!!

$ 9.99


Krystal's Lunch Break!     View Sample
Length: 31.00 minutes     Size: 1444.48 MB     Format: MP4

Krystal is out on the town today she's on her lunch break and goes inside her local fast food place to grab a bite to eat. She orders her food and sits down taking off her dirty flip flops and propping them up on the chair after dangling for some time. As Krystal eats she stretches her soles and toes, crossing her ankles and flexing her tired bare feet. She then walks to the rest room bare footed washing her hands and then heads off. She then goes to a local store walks around there for a bit getting them extremely dirty almost black but she loves walking around bare foot it feels so good to her!

$ 25.50